Photo by Alex Frantz Ghassan

Transmissions from
a living system

Hey! Nice to meet you——I’m Jennifer Hennesy, an artist, graphic designer and art director working remotely across the United States.

As an artist, I hybridize abstract expressionist painting with the principles of design——bridging a visual relationship between internal systems (psychological, emotional, physical), and external systems found in symbolic communication and natural phenomena.

As an art director and designer, I work across media on identity rebrands and branded product designs.

The approach is flexible, but usually goes like this:
—conduct four phases of research
–present research and hold interviews
—reflect & synthesize
—collaborate on a strategy
—assemble a team and vendors
—plan, play, design, build

The way that we blend & assess in-depth research, interviews and reflections allows us to appropriately evolve the approach you’ve been taking towards your brand’s identity, your experience’s transcendent moments or your product’s goals. Our work together is inspired, and will leave you with new ideas as to how you might grow.

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